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Tomica Toyota 86 Toys’ R Us Exclusive

Tomica Toyota 86 Toys’ R Us Exclusive

One of the most popular modern JDM cars that diecast collectors collect is the Toyota AE 86 or the Toyota 86. If you want to have a good looking die cast for this car, best to look for the Tomica Casting.

For toy cars collectors, JDM means Japan Domestic Market, these are the car models and brands available in Japan.

Tomica Toyota 86 Toys R Us Exclusive

Toyota AE86

I don’t know how the closure of Toy’s R Us affects the value of this toy car, but hey, with the great design of the Toyota 86 plus the great paint design, this Tomica car is a must have for every collector!!

Titus Toyz Fact: The Toyota 86 was co-developed by Toyota and Subaru. The Subaru variant iscalled Subaru BRZ.


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