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Titus Toyz in Hong Kong with the Hot Wheels ’67 Pontiac Firebird

Titus Toyz in Hong Kong with the Hot Wheels ’67 Pontiac Firebird

The first time I saw this Hot Wheels Car, I’ve already decided to make it one of my pocket cars in my future travels. People, meet the Hot Wheels 67′ Pontiac Firebird!!!

Unlike previous releases of the Firebird, this one has no hood, thus no place to put the flaming bird or phoenix tampo. Having the engine exposed makes this car look real hot. It is also unpainted ( or was it silver) with just a black circle on each side.

And travel we did, for this Hot Wheels car became my travel buddy when we visited Hong Kong!!!

Hot Wheels Pontiac Firebird and Passport on Hand!!!


Unfortunately, I only managed to take a few pics of this car.. for somehow, it managed to roll out of my pocket!!!

But I’m still glad that I was able to take the firebird on my trip, for it is really a great looking car.. hope to see more casting of this car in the future.

Hot Wheels ’67 Pontiac Firebird enjoying the view at Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak!!

This shot was taken at Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak. At the back ground is the Peak Tower. If you want a great view of Hong Kong, then going to the Peak’s Sky Terrace is your best option. My suggestion is to visit this place late in the afternoon so that you can still the city during the day time, and just wait for a few hours to see the bright lights of Hong Kong afterwards!!!

Checking out the Old Tram at the Victoria Peak

Due to our hectic schedule in Hong Kong, I was not able to find a replacement car here, but luckily, I found a very fast and furious  die cast car when we visited Macau!!!

Click Link to see what car I found in Macau’s Cotai Strip: Titus Toyz in Macau


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