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The Ferrari Hot Wheels Cars That Started It All

The Ferrari Hot Wheels Cars That Started It All

Every toy collection has its own story to tell.Well for Titus Toyz, the collection started with just 2 Hot Wheels cars.

it was around August 2012 when I bought these 2 Ferrari Italia cars hanging on the pegs of Toy Kingdom. I have no idea then if the cars are worth collecting or they are just basic cars. I was just curious that they were of different colors, one red and the other one white. I thought that one of them might be a rare version of the other so i bought them both!!!

We also bought 1 pink car, a Plymouth Road Runner and a clear yellow plastic car, the Nerve Hammer!!!

Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia in White and Red

Hot Wheels Ferrari

Since then, I got hooked with Hot Wheels and made Ferrari as my Main Line for my die-cast collection. Its just to bad that Ferrari has to take back its license from Mattel, thus no more Ferrari Hot Wheels from 2016 onward.

Now I have more than a hundred Hot Wheels Ferrari cars from popular models like the Ferrari Enzo, Testarossa, 599 XX, F40, the F50 and more. I also try to collect the Hot Wheels Ferrari 5 Packs or gift packs for they contain car variants not found in the Mainline Series.

Stay tuned for more Hot Wheels pictures for surely we will feature more Ferrari Cars here in the future plus other cars from my other collections like the Batmobile and the Volkswagen Beetle!!

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