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Tomica Toyota 86 Toys’ R Us Exclusive


One of the most popular modern JDM cars that diecast collectors collect is the Toyota AE 86 or the Toyota 86. If you want to have a good looking die cast for this car, best to look for the Tomica Casting.

For toy cars collectors, JDM means Japan Domestic Market, these are the car models and brands available in Japan.

Tomica Toyota 86 Toys R Us Exclusive

Toyota AE86

I don’t know how the closure of Toy’s R Us affects the value of this toy car, but hey, with the great design of the Toyota 86 plus the great paint design, this Tomica car is a must have for every collector!!

Titus Toyz Fact: The Toyota 86 was co-developed by Toyota and Subaru. The Subaru variant iscalled Subaru BRZ.

Hot Wheels Designer Dmitriy Shakmatov Meet and Greet


To all Hot Wheels and car fans alike! Don’t you dare miss out on this once in a life time chance!
Meet the man behind the designs of some of the craziest and epic cars of Hot Wheels, Dmitriy Shakhmatov!

  • Catch him this July 31, 2018 at SM Aura from 4-6PM!

Missed out? We got you! You can still meet Dmitriy at the following malls:

  • August 1 – Toy Kingdom SM MOA (4:00pm – 5:00pm)
  • August 2 – Toys “R” Us Trinoma (7:00pm – 2:00pm) & Toy Kingdom SM Megamall (3:00pm – 4:00pm)

Don’t miss this chance to meet HW design master Dmitriy and get the chance to get your favorite hot wheels signed by the designer himself. Since this is a meet and greet, you can also get a picture with him.

You can get a VIP pass at the events by just buying Hot Wheels items wort 500 Pesos ( that’s almost equivalent of only 4 Hot Wheels Car or just 1 Hot Wheels special releases).

Also, based on some info, several Super Treasure Hunts will be on sale, so better be early on July 31!!!

Titus Toyz Facts:

Dmitriy Sharkmatov is the designer of the popular Hot Wheels Car called the Aristo Rat. He is also fond of Porsche cars and that’s probably his inspiration in designing the Porsche 917 LH that was released in the Hot Wheels mainline this 2018.

See you all guys at SM Aura!!!

Lightning McQueen Neon Racers


This is my Lightning McQueen Neon Racers 1:55 Diecast Car. It is an exclusive Target toy, making it a difficult car to grab hold here in my place.

Neon Racers Lightning McQueen 

The card is not perfect and the toy is a bit expensive for I got it from a specialty toy store, but hey its LMQ, and its quite hard to say no to a Lightning McQueen Car especially if he is sporting a different paint job like this Neon Racers version!!!

Printed at the back of the card is:

Welcome to Japan!

Shu Todoroki is hosting an endurance night race from Mt. Fuji to Tokyo’s colorful Ginza District.

Lightning McQueen and his international racing pals are all outfitted with customized lighting and special Neon Deco for the illuminating event. Get ready for extreme racing and never-before-seen neon speed!

Ganbatte minna-san! Good Luck, Everyone!

Hope Disney and Pixar make a film about the Neon Racers!!!!

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Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2014 List


Here now is the list for the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2014. This post will only cover the regular TH and not for Super Treasure Hunts.

This year’s list if filled with original Hot Wheels designs. Only 3 out of 15 treasure hunts are based on real life cars.

Maximum Leeway


2014 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts List

  • Subaru WRX STI
  • Night Burner
  • Fangster
  • Speedbox
  • Maximum Leeway
  • Loop Coupe
  • Rescue Duty
  • Stockar
  • Twinduction
  • ’12 Ford Fiesta
  • Custom ’71 El Camino
  • Off Track
  • Poison Arrow
  • La Fasta
  • Cloak and Dagger

Some cars on this list are nice to collect like the Ford Fiesta and the El Camino, both based on real cars. For JDM lovers, the Subaru WRX STI is a must have on their collection.

Aside from these 3, there is not much is going for this series. The Cloak and Dagger and Stockar are both interesting for they both sport clear plastic bodies.

But what about the Fangula? Why did it made the list? Seem like Mattel is trying to hype these creature features so that they would become more collectible and make them fly off the shelves of toy stores fast.

Well, its just my opinion.. but how about you? What do you think about this line up of regular Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts for 2014? Which car or cars deserved to be part of your collection?

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Gundam Barbatos 1:144 Unboxing


Hello there fellow Toy Collectors, today we are about to unbox one of my favorite Gundam, Barbatos,

Barabtos is the main mecha from the latest Gundam Series, Iron-blooded Orphans.  Right now, they are on its second season!!!

Gundam Barbatos 1: 144 Unboxing


Unlike most Gundams, Barbatos is very sleek. It has a thin waist, uncommon to most Gundam models, and that makes it unique. Expect great parts from this model kit. Parts are very well detailed and is somewhat likened to RG models.

Gundam Barbatos Runner


One of the most attention getting part of Barbatos are the Barbatos are the Spade like designs located in its shoulders and knees.

Love the stickers on this box. They are easy to apply and add great detail on the model.

Barbatos Stickers


So this is for now…. thanks for joining me in this unboxing!!!

See you later for pictures of the finished Gundam Barbatos 1:144 Model Kit!!!

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Hot Wheels Boba Fett Prototype Armor Character Car


The bounty hunter, BOBA FETT, is one of Star Wars’s many iconic characters. He is a rough character and is armed to the tooth with various weapons.

Boba Fett is known for his battle damaged, camouflage armor. But, this year, Hot Wheels will be presenting Boba Fett is a whole new look (or old).

Hot Wheels will be bringing to Europe a character car based on Fett’s prototype armor, which is all white, just like the uniform of the storm trooper!!!

Hot Wheels Boba Fett Character Car in White Prototype Armor

Hot Wheels Star Wars

Why all white?

Well, it seem that Boba was supposed to be a “some sort of Super Storm Trooper” during the early days of planing for the Star Wars films, but plans has been changed since, and Boba just became an elite bounty hunter!!!

For the character car, Hot Wheels based Fett’s car as a Ratrod!!!!

This Ratrod will surely spell fear in the Star Wars’ hi-ways and roads…

2014 Hot Wheels Regular and Super Treasure Hunts List


Hello fellow collectors, if you are Hot Wheels fan like me, it is best to know which cars to collect every year.  And top of the list every year are the Regular and Super Treasure Hunts for the Hot Wheels Mainline. In this post, we will list down the Regular and $TH for the year 2014.

The regular Th for 2014 are cars with the Flame Logo, while the Super Treasure Hunts or Secret TH are those with Spectra Flame Paint and Real Rider Tires or Rubber tires.

The Hot Wheels 2014 mainline features 15 Regular T Hunts and 15 Super Treasure Hunts.

LIST of 2014 Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunts

  • Subaru WRX ST
  • Mega Thrust
  • Fangster
  • Speedbox
  • Maximum Leeway
  • Loop Coupe
  • Rescue Duty
  • Stockar
  • Twinduction
  • ’12 Ford Fiesta
  • Custom ’71 El Camino
  • Off Track
  • Poison Arrow
  • La Fasta
  • Cloak And Dagger

For this year, it seems like Hot Wheels prefer their original designs over cars based in the real world. only 3 out of the 15 Regular TH are based on real cars. And what made me curious about this set is that Mattel probably made one of the “Ugliest” Treasure Hunt ever, and that is the Fangster.

Among the set, my Favorite is the Stockar!!!

STOCKAR: Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 2014

2014 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt

For the more hard core collectors, collecting all 15 Super Treasure Hunts for 2014 is a must. if you still lacking a few of these elusive Chase Cars, here is the list of 2014 Super Treasure Hunts that could help you during your toy shopping:

2014 Hot Wheels List of Super Treasure Hunts

  • Chevrolet SS
  • Sandblaster
  • ’71 Mustang Mach
  • 2013 Chevy Camaro
  • Custom ’07 Ford Mustang
  • ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser
  • ’70 Chevy Chevelle SS
  • Twin Mill
  • ’64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon
  • ’83 Chevy Silverado
  • ’76 Greenwood Corvette
  • ’69 Corvette
  • ’65 Chevy Impala
  • Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (e) #209 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 
  •  ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon 


Now we’re talking. This set is mostly made up of Classic American Muscle Cars!!! Also a Harley and a popular JDM car, the Datsun Bluebird!!

CLICK the link below for the list for 2015:

Hot Wheels 2015 Treasure Hunts List

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Impound Lightning McQueen with Confetti CHASE CAR Die Cast


Here is my only CHASE CAR for the current Disney Pixar CARS diecast collection, the Impound Lightning McQueen!!!

This toy was inspired by the movie CARS when McQueen was ordered to fix the road in Radiator Springs he had damaged during a wild run. In order for him not to escape, he was given a limited amount of gasoline and was given tire locks.

Being a CHASE CAR means, this is a sought after car and a must for every Pixar Car collector!!! I just don’t know if this one is a Limited Editon.

Impound Lightning Mcqueen 

Pixar Cars

After getting this one from an online seller, I immediately posted a picture of if in a Facebook Fan Page for Disney Pixar CARS Collectors.

That’s when I was informed that this one is a real CHASE CAR.  But mine is a bit special for my version has confetti inside the bubble. People from the FB group told me that this RaceORama piece one is a bit harder to find… Lucky me!!!

A Closer Look at the CHASE Lightning McQueen Die Cast Car

Lightning McQuuen Chase Car

There are other Lightning McQueen versions from the Cars and Cars 2 Movies as well as collectible versions from the Disney Store, Hong Kong Disneyland and various Tomica sets as well. I will be posting these pictures soon so better visit this Toy Blog again.

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Hot Wheels Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile


Here is it is!!! The latest Batmobile from Hot Wheels, the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile Edition!!!

How will I describe it? Well for one, this Batmobile does not disappoint. The design seems to be based on the previous Batmobiles such as that of the Keaton’s and Kilmer’s ( not the Dark Knight version or the Tumbler Batmobile) but with added elements like the wings at the back, and the guns at the front. Yes, a slimmer, modified Keaton Batmobile with armor!!!

Sadly, this bad boy only lasted a few minutes of airtime in the movie and didn’t even make a dent out of Superman.

This is a 1:64 scale die cast car and is part of the Batmobile Collection for the Hot Wheels Mainline Series for 2015.

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile

Hot Wheels Batmobile

Since this is a First Edition Hot Wheels version, it is a must have for us Bat Mobile Collectors!!!

Right now I have 4 of these and is still looking for more…. Not a fan of the more expensive version made for the movie line of Hot Wheels, for both versions look the same.

Stay tuned for more Hot Wheels Batmobiles and other Batman related Vehicles, Action Figures and Toys, only here on Titus Toyz.

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2015 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts LIST


For the year 2015, Hot Wheels has 15 TREASURE HUNTS!!! Sadly, only 3 of these Treasure Hunts or TH were based on real life cars, the Jeep CJ-7, the Volkswagen Beetle, and sadly the a real life car but still based on a Hot Wheels design, the Team Hot Wheels Corkscrew Buggy!!!

The remaining 12 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Cars were all based on Hot Wheels original designs or most people call it HW Imagination. These cars are fun to look at and has funny names, but hard core collectors prefer designs based on real life cars over the Imaginations, thus their value is not that high.

But if you are a Hot Wheels Collector like me, then having all these 2015 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts is a must. If you want to collect these Chase Cars of the 1:16 world, then check out the list below:

Batman Checking out the 2015 HW Treasure Hunt Rocket Fire 

Treasure Hunts

List of the 2015 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts

  • Chicane
  • Jeep CJ-7
  • Rocket Fire
  • Fast FeLion
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Jet Threat 4.0
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Fast Gassin
  • Enforcer
  • Mad Splash
  • Piranha Terror
  • Time Tracker
  • Team Hot Wheels Corkscrew Buggy
  • Rogue Hog
  • Tread Air

So far, I only have 6 of these 2015 Treasure Hunts in my collection. On the good side, i have already collected 4 pieces of the Volkswagen Beetle Treasure Hunt, which I believe is the most priced piece for this years series.

Among the Imagination based cars, I really wanted to have lots of the Piranha Terror… Even if its not a TH, I would still love to own a “school” of it. Imagine having a bunch of these Piranha Terror going against the RED BIRD from Angry Birds, which Mattel released a few years back… That would be awesome!!!

Stay tuned for Titus Toyz will feature different posts on my on hand Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts!!

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