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Light Room Box for Toy Photography

Light Room Box for Toy Photography

Yey, we’ve been looking for this toy photography tool, the Light Room for so long… good thing that this is now available via online shopping websites like Shopee and Lazada!!

This box can help every amateur and professional photographers everywhere. It provides space where you can take pictures of small items like diecast cars and action figures. Here, you can shoot comfortably and eliminate nasty background. Plus you can take pictures in great detail because of LED lights that can be powered by your power bank!!!

Titus Toyz’s New Light Room!!!

Toy Photography

We got the square box that came with various colored background, but my favorite is the White one, coz it highlights the details of my toys.

This photography tool is great for toys such as loose Hot Wheels Cars, Tomica, Gundam Kits especially the smaller scaled Gundam SD.

Light Room Set Up with Gundam SD as Subject

Funko Pop Baby Groot Basking in the Bright Lights!!!

Now i can take good looking pics without using any special editing tools like Photoshop, all i need is more practice using the light room.. Bye for now, for I need to look for other action figures and Transformer toys and see if they look good inside this mini photo booth!!!


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