Home Disney Pixar CARS Impound Lightning McQueen with Confetti CHASE CAR Die Cast

Impound Lightning McQueen with Confetti CHASE CAR Die Cast

Impound Lightning McQueen with Confetti CHASE CAR Die Cast

Here is my only CHASE CAR for the current Disney Pixar CARS diecast collection, the Impound Lightning McQueen!!!

This toy was inspired by the movie CARS when McQueen was ordered to fix the road in Radiator Springs he had damaged during a wild run. In order for him not to escape, he was given a limited amount of gasoline and was given tire locks.

Being a CHASE CAR means, this is a sought after car and a must for every Pixar Car collector!!! I just don’t know if this one is a Limited Editon.

Impound Lightning Mcqueen 

Pixar Cars

After getting this one from an online seller, I immediately posted a picture of if in a Facebook Fan Page for Disney Pixar CARS Collectors.

That’s when I was informed that this one is a real CHASE CAR.  But mine is a bit special for my version has confetti inside the bubble. People from the FB group told me that this RaceORama piece one is a bit harder to find… Lucky me!!!

A Closer Look at the CHASE Lightning McQueen Die Cast Car

Lightning McQuuen Chase Car

There are other Lightning McQueen versions from the Cars and Cars 2 Movies as well as collectible versions from the Disney Store, Hong Kong Disneyland and various Tomica sets as well. I will be posting these pictures soon so better visit this Toy Blog again.

For more pics of Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson and the rest of the guys in Radiator Springs, kindly Like us on TITUS TOYS and we will feature them all here in our Toy Blog soon!!

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