Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2019: Corvette Stingray


The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 2019 series is full of surprises. It is great mix of fantasy cars and designs based on real life street cars.

The Bazoomka, Stingrod, Honda Monkey, Twinmill and the Ford Bronco are some of the must find TH from this year’s series.

But of these cars, I’m most excited about the Corvette Stingray!!!!

This is a classic American car that deserved to have a Treasure Hunt status. And wow, Hot Wheels has delivered on this one.

Part of the Super Chromes subset, this is one shiny treasure….. to complete the look, Hot Wheels added some stars plus blue and red stripes creating an Americana feel.

The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Corvette Stingray

The red interior pops out and the flame logo can be easily be seen at the side of the car.

And the best part of the car?!!! The 5 spoke wheels in, well you guess it, in CHROME.

The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Corvette Stingray was released together with other cars in the G CASE. Hope you can find one of these shiny cars.


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