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Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2014 List

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2014 List

Here now is the list for the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2014. This post will only cover the regular TH and not for Super Treasure Hunts.

This year’s list if filled with original Hot Wheels designs. Only 3 out of 15 treasure hunts are based on real life cars.

Maximum Leeway


2014 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts List

  • Subaru WRX STI
  • Night Burner
  • Fangster
  • Speedbox
  • Maximum Leeway
  • Loop Coupe
  • Rescue Duty
  • Stockar
  • Twinduction
  • ’12 Ford Fiesta
  • Custom ’71 El Camino
  • Off Track
  • Poison Arrow
  • La Fasta
  • Cloak and Dagger

Some cars on this list are nice to collect like the Ford Fiesta and the El Camino, both based on real cars. For JDM lovers, the Subaru WRX STI is a must have on their collection.

Aside from these 3, there is not much is going for this series. The Cloak and Dagger and Stockar are both interesting for they both sport clear plastic bodies.

But what about the Fangula? Why did it made the list? Seem like Mattel is trying to hype these creature features so that they would become more collectible and make them fly off the shelves of toy stores fast.

Well, its just my opinion.. but how about you? What do you think about this line up of regular Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts for 2014? Which car or cars deserved to be part of your collection?

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