Hot Wheels Thanos Chase Car and Uniqlo Dragon Ball Freeza T Shirt


Titus Toyz spends a day in one of the biggest malls in the metro and went shopping. As usual, one of the first stops when shopping is going to the toy store, and in this case, Toy Kingdom.

Good thing there are new stocks of Hot Wheels featuring the Marvel’s Avengers line featuring cars inspired by the Hulk and Hawk Eye. For this series, there is a chase car and its the Horseplay with design inspired by the villain Thanos. Gotta get this one, not only that it is a rare car, but because of the really cool card art.

The card features the cover of one of Marvel’s most famous events, the Infinity Gauntlet!!

Thanos and Freeza in a day of Shopping!!!

But the day is not over, for another purple bad guy joined us. This one is a T Shirt with the image of Freeza on it.  I think he is mulling how to pulverize Son Goku and planet Earth.

Freeza is probably one of the most popular and strongest antagonist in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Guess Thanos won’t be bored on our long way home!!

The shirt is from Uniqlo and is part of the Uniqlo 50th Anniversary Collection from Shonen Jump. Hope to get more Shonen Jump shirts from this Japanese clothing brand!!!


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