Hot Wheels Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile

Hot Wheels Batmobile

Here is it is!!! The latest Batmobile from Hot Wheels, the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile Edition!!!

How will I describe it? Well for one, this Batmobile does not disappoint. The design seems to be based on the previous Batmobiles such as that of the Keaton’s and Kilmer’s ( not the Dark Knight version or the Tumbler Batmobile) but with added elements like the wings at the back, and the guns at the front. Yes, a slimmer, modified Keaton Batmobile with armor!!!

Sadly, this bad boy only lasted a few minutes of airtime in the movie and didn’t even make a dent out of Superman.

This is a 1:64 scale die cast car and is part of the Batmobile Collection for the Hot Wheels Mainline Series for 2015.

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile

Hot Wheels Batmobile

Since this is a First Edition Hot Wheels version, it is a must have for us Bat Mobile Collectors!!!

Right now I have 4 of these and is still looking for more…. Not a fan of the more expensive version made for the movie line of Hot Wheels, for both versions look the same.

Stay tuned for more Hot Wheels Batmobiles and other Batman related Vehicles, Action Figures and Toys, only here on Titus Toyz.

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