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Hot Wheels 2018 Treasure Hunts List

Hot Wheels 2018 Treasure Hunts List

It seems like Hot Wheels are now comfortable in making Treasure Hunts based on their own designs!!! Yes for 2018, most of the Treasure Hunts came from Hot Wheels’ original designs!!

Though some of these TH are inspired by real or other cars such as the Kool Kombi from the Volkswagen Kombi, to the Hummer look alike Rockster, this years series are full of cars from the great minds of Hot Wheels designers.

From motor bikes, to robots, food trucks and even a Batmobile, Hot Wheels got you all covered via the Regular Treasure Hunt Set!!!

2018 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt: ROCKSTER

If you want to hunt these highly collectible cars for 2018, then better keep this list in your mind:

List of Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2018

  • Sting Rod II
  • El Viento
  • Tanknator
  • Street Stealth
  • Zombot
  • Rockster
  • Blitzspeeder (2nd Color) Gold
  • RRRoadster (2nd Color) White
  • Volkswagen Kool Komb
  • Bump Around (2nd Color)
  • Hollowback (2nd Color)
  • Quick Bite (2nd Color)
  • Ratical Racer (2nd Color)
  • Batmobile (1989) (2nd Color)
  • Crate Racer(2nd Color)

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 2018: Bump Around

Right now, I have 10 of 15 regular treasure hunts.

Earlier this year, the only Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt that is on my wish list is the metal flake purple Kool Kombi… then suddenly BOOM!!! A new re-colored Batmobile will be coming out and it is also a treasure hunt… What!?

Guess I need to hit the pegs of Toy Kingdom and Toy’s R US once again?!!!


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