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Gundam Barbatos 1:144 Unboxing

Gundam Barbatos 1:144 Unboxing

Hello there fellow Toy Collectors, today we are about to unbox one of my favorite Gundam, Barbatos,

Barabtos is the main mecha from the latest Gundam Series, Iron-blooded Orphans.  Right now, they are on its second season!!!

Gundam Barbatos 1: 144 Unboxing


Unlike most Gundams, Barbatos is very sleek. It has a thin waist, uncommon to most Gundam models, and that makes it unique. Expect great parts from this model kit. Parts are very well detailed and is somewhat likened to RG models.

Gundam Barbatos Runner


One of the most attention getting part of Barbatos are the Barbatos are the Spade like designs located in its shoulders and knees.

Love the stickers on this box. They are easy to apply and add great detail on the model.

Barbatos Stickers


So this is for now…. thanks for joining me in this unboxing!!!

See you later for pictures of the finished Gundam Barbatos 1:144 Model Kit!!!

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