Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

Titus Toys collects and features Hot Wheels cars from Basic, Treasure Hunt and Super TH!

Titus Toyz in Macau with the Hot Wheels 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

We spent our Christmas vacation in Hong Kong and Macau. Sadly I lost my pocket car for the trip, a silver Hot Wheels Firebird!! Good...

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2014 List

Here now is the list for the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2014. This post will only cover the regular TH and not for Super...
2014 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt

2014 Hot Wheels Regular and Super Treasure Hunts List

Hello fellow collectors, if you are Hot Wheels fan like me, it is best to know which cars to collect every year.  And top...
Hot Wheels Batmobile

Hot Wheels Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile

Here is it is!!! The latest Batmobile from Hot Wheels, the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile Edition!!! How will I describe it? Well...
Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts

2015 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts LIST

For the year 2015, Hot Wheels has 15 TREASURE HUNTS!!! Sadly, only 3 of these Treasure Hunts or TH were based on real life...
Hot Wheels Ferrari

The Ferrari Hot Wheels Cars That Started It All

Every toy collection has its own story to tell.Well for Titus Toyz, the collection started with just 2 Hot Wheels cars. it was around August...

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